Komerc KEKA in his depot offers customers a wide range of services as well as most products manufacturer of building materials, sanitation facilities, tools ...

Komerc KEKA has cooperation with leaders in building manufactured materiels from the country and the region:

- Cement (Dalmacija cement HR,Titan cement Grcka,Halips Grcka,Fushe Kruja Albanija)
- Shred (Kanjiza,Polet Novi Becaj),
- Brick products (Vojvoda Prijezda Stalac,Nexe Sarajevo,Univerzum ,  
Y Tong vreoci ),

- Armature networks (Mital Zenica ,Kes Mostar),
- Whitewash (Nexe-Jelen Do,Kalun-Drvnis)
- Pipes, plates and profiles of all dimensions.
Cut-outflooring all dimensions,
- Hydro and thermal insulation (Fim Kanjiza).
- All granulation sand.

Contact phone +382(0)67/235-200 - Arabelović Amir

Sve vrste alata

Lounge which is a part of depot offers the possibility of buying the following products:

- Ceramics- most manufecturer /Keramika Kanjiža, Polet Novi Bečej, Toza Marković/
- Adhesives for ceramics, fug mass and skirting: Murexin, Henkel, Knauf, Genesis
- Inlaid-floor and laminantni floors: Drvo proizvod Hrvatska, Classen Njemacka
- Complete the electrical and plumbing materials
- Sanitary facilities
- Room Door
- Tools and equipment HTZ

Contact phone+382(0)67/235-227 - Pekovic Zajo

Širok asortiman željeza
- Complete range curling-iron
(Zeljezara Niksic, Mital Zenica)
- The processing of iron per specification

Contact phone +382(0)67/235-200 - Arabelović Amir





-Manufacturing fert ceilings all dimensions

Contact phone +382(0)67/235-200 - Arabelović Amir


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